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Why is there such a negative stigma around going to therapy? You can say, “I’m going to the dentist to get a root canal” and everyone is sympathetic, but if you say “I’m going to a therapist because I’m depressed” people get freaked out.

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Eartha Kitt and James Dean photographed taking dancing lessons by Dennis Stock, c. 1955

“He sensed moments in Eartha’s performances when it seemed to him that everything she knew was fused directly into the moment, even things having nothing to do with her performing, he thought translated directly into one energy force-a magic connection.” He says: “Jimmy was convinced that Eartha had ‘special powers’ and knowledge she could deliver to him by some kind of osmosis…”
-John Gilmore

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Also one time he was supposed to write a violin and piano duet, and he wrote the violin part, but he didn’t really feel like writing the piano part, or was too lazy etc. When the concert came up (he played the piano while a fiend played the violin) he set up a blank piece of paper (so people would think he was reading music) and improvised. After the concert he wrote it down so it could be published

okay i’ve reblogged this before but can we just give a shoutout to the orchestra that had to sightread the overture to an audience at the premiere of an opera

lol if I was in that orchestra I’d be like ok you guys sightread and I’ll AIRBOW

I’d quit. Sightreading is tough.

Although, to be perfectly fair, *most* orchestras spent a ton of performances sight-reading at the time. Full orchestral rehearsals were rare to begin with, and even when they happened attendance was… spotty. Instrumentalists would work for whomever was paying at any given moment, meaning that at any particular performance half the orchestral players had ditched it for another gig (or something completely different) and sent in substitutes—who were seeing the music for the first time. (Note that this didn’t hold true for singers—but then, they were required to have more talent in general, were infinitely more visible, and got paid and feted accordingly.)
And while that can happen today, there’s a standard repertoire that most musicians will have played a million times already, so subbing isn’t such a big deal; not so much in Mozart’s time.
When the canon was being written, the entire process of classical music performance was infinitely less regimented and standardized than it is now, especially for ensembles. 

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“Gaining weight won’t make you miserable.
Fear of gaining weight, however, will.”

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Hi, I'm Chels.
19|College Freshman|NJ
Just like every other teenager in this world, I'm trying to find myself. I no longer care what people think of me, I am who I am. I don't please others, I do my own thing. I can help others, give you advice even when I can't help myself. Love all, trust none.

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